Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Closet Twilight Zone

The scariest thing about Halloween this year is my closet!

I am spending this coming weekend in my home town of Wellington with my Mum and my sister Tanya. Although I am looking forward to the girly time, from a shopping perspective I'm a little cautious. I seem to have settled somewhere between a NZ size 12 and 14. Not sure whether to replace some key items now or wait a bit longer.

Over the past few weeks I have painstakenly edited my wardrobe down to about a fifth of its original size. What clothes remain are lovely, but too big for me. Today I wore a beautiful Moochi chiffon top and black and white Country Road silk pants. Both two sizes too big and shapeless. Now in storage, pending a decision next year.

Weight loss is great, don't get me wrong. This is the first time in my adult life that I have sustained this size for as long and I am really excited that I now have the skills and knowledge to never go back to a size 16/18. I have always dressed for work and lately I just feel very unkempt. My casual wardrobe is not bad but my work wardrobe is not doing so great!

A solution I have thought of is to wear 'tidy casual' outfits to work for the next little while until I am comfortable to replace my work wardrobe. Another idea is to come up with two excellent work outfits and one casual Friday outfit to wear through November to buy some more time and see where the body settles. Luckily my workplace has a casual dressing policy!

I will share more about this and also update you on the weekend! x

Friday, 25 October 2013

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Shopbop 25% Off Sale

Shopbop does this only a couple of times a year so this time I was determined not to miss out! I managed to score several items I'd been eyeing up for months. Everything has arrived and it's all good! Here's a snapshot of my haul...

I was nervous ordering these in case they were too small. Size 32 is usually the largest offering for designer jeans. These are a PERFECT fit. Beautiful soft denim, flattering on the rear, a perfect mid-blue wash and I'm stoked I can now fit designer jeans!
A gift from Paul! This is my 'don't mess with me' bangle. I plan to wear this with a plain black outfit. Look out for this in a starring role in a future photo shoot.
If it aint broke, don't fix it. My replacement pair when my current ones get too skanky. 
I love my gold and white one and this black and silver version is just as chic.

Karen Walker Deep Freeze 'Crazy Tort' Sunglasses
I adore my black Deep Freeze and I love these just as much.

Monday, 21 October 2013


Tshirt: Juliette Hogan | Black Jumper: Saba | Jeans: French Connection | Boots: Mi Piaci | Shoes: Zara | Bangle (right hand): Marc by Marc Jacobs | Gold Bracelet (left hand): Charlotte Penman | Silver Bracelet (left hand): Zabbana | Clutch: Oroton | Sunglasses: Karen Walker 'Deep Freeze'

All Images © Copyright Sara Mole

Friday, 18 October 2013

Found: Flattering Casual Summer Dress

A couple of years back, I discovered I liked wearing casual Summer dresses as a simple go-to outfit on hot weekends. I managed to find one dress from Andrea Moore (the Entertainment Dress) which I hope they repeat this season. I was worried that I would not be able to find another comfortable, casual dress that flattered my not-average body shape and unhelpful F-cup bosom.

But, good old Country Road has come to the rescue with the Stitch Insert Dress:

Stitch Insert Dress

Stitch Insert Dress

It can be dressed up or down, with sandals, sandshoes, or high heels. Key things about this dress are:

- Comfortable.
- Flattering on a larger bust (I am still a 12F even though I've lost weight).
- Has an elasticated mid-section which creates a nice silhouette.
- Affordable (NZ $169).
- Versatile (looks great with flat sandals or high heels).
- Durable (it's viscose which looks like silk but hand-washes easily).
- Pretty! There's some lovely detail in this dress.
- Chic.
- Age-appropriate. Cap sleeves (not sleeveless), not low-cut and the length is great. I am 5' 10" with long legs and it sits just above the knee.

I am going to find out if they are planning to bring it out in other colours!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Almost Boho

This outfit is my nod to boho-style dressing. Rather than go for the all-out modern hippie look, I've opted to interpret key parts of the boho look in my own way.

I've toned down flower power florals by chosing a light cotton pant that features a tiny floral print in black and white. My 'chambray' is an indigo cotton voile shirt tied at the waist for shape. And my 'cowboy' boots are actually a suede ankle boot. The elements are there, but they are tweaked to create a look that's funky, yet age-appropriate and not overwhelming:

Pants: Lonely Hearts | Tank: Sportsgirl | Shirt: Country Road | Boots: Mi Piaci | Bangle (right hand): Marc by Marc Jacobs | Bracelet (left hand): Charlotte Penman | Sunglasses: Karen Walker 'Deep Freeze'

All Images © Copyright Sara Mole

Monday, 14 October 2013

Beatnik Shop

Beatnik Shop is a cute little online store - an extension of the Auckland bricks and mortar store. With only a tiny range, this shop is small but perfectly formed. They are also the place to pre-order the Four Eyes blog street style book which comes out soon!

PRE-ORDER – FOUREYES - New Zealand Street Style

Thursday, 10 October 2013


Pants: Lonely Hearts | Top: Moochi | Boots: Mi Piaci | Shoes: Top End | Bangle (right hand): Marc by Marc Jacobs | Bracelet (left hand): Charlotte Penman | Sunglasses: Karen Walker 'Deep Freeze'

All Images © Copyright Sara Mole

Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Pairing a formal bottom half with a casual top half is a look I've been keen to try for a while. In this series of photos, I team a pair of black silk cropped pants and black patent heels with a grey marle tshirt. You could add a statement necklace but in this look, I have chosen to keep jewellery to a minimum with just a thin gold bangle and bracelet on each arm. The shine of the patent and the luxurious texture of the silk are a great counterfoil to the marled grey of the tee.

The photos in this post were taken by Jonathon (Jono) Lee, another local amateur photographer I'm collaborating with on the blog. Our first shoot together was on a particularly blustery Auckland day with a keen westerley blowing. In the first shot, I am holding on for dear life, trying not to get blown into Auckland Harbour!

Tshirt: Country Road | Pants: Country Road | Black Clutch: Marc by Marc Jacobs | Leopard Clutch: Oroton | Shoes: Mi Piaci | Bangle (right hand): Marc by Marc Jacobs | Bracelet (left hand): Charlotte Penman | Sunglasses: Karen Walker 'Deep Freeze'

All Images © Copyright Jonathon Lee

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Dansk Dreaming

Actually, anything Scandinavian.

My niece Sarah just returned from a holiday in Europe. Much time was spent in Denmark where her partner Peer lives (in Copenhagen). Last weekend, Sarah gave me a guided tour of her purchases and I was really impressed. Now, Sarah is in her twenties and I am 42 but the cuts of many of the pieces she bought (I think) would cross the generations. Sarah has excellent taste so all of her choices are age-appropriate, chic and very modern.

If you are new to Scandinavian designers, I suggest you educate yourself. Many stores will only post within the EU but New Zealand Post's YouShop service can forward parcels sent to the UK on to New Zealand. Here's a quick introduction to some of the best Scandi high street labels:

Soft feminine silhouettes with a modern edge.

A little bit rock and roll.

Blaise jeans

Baily boots

Mi Stretch dress

What all the cool girls wear.

Pistol Short Black Contrast

Cleo Wool Grey Melange

Sydney Twill Crepe Petrol Blue

Interesting plays on shape and form. Selected pieces available at TK Store in Auckland.

Quirky cool.


Tuesday, 1 October 2013