Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Coffee Table

We bit the bullet and bought the marble-topped coffee table from Indie Home Collective. It looks perfect with our new sofas. Photos to come, but here is the photo from the Indie blog:

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Peeping Out From Under the Covers

What a busy few months it has been.

I am hoping to start blogging again on a regular basis so apologies for the radio silence recently. Truth is, it's taking some time to settle into the new house. A very emotional time too. We are still waiting on furniture, and blinds and shutters are on order, not due for at least another month. Currently we have old sheets and quilts nailed up over the many huge windows in this house. Not making us feel at home really.

I have managed to start setting up the much-envied dressing room (now home office/dressing room) so will post progress pictures soon. Don't want to let you all down!

We're concentrating our efforts in the gardens which have - after three months of no one living here - gone a bit feral to say the least. Making slow progress but still, progress nonetheless.

As for shopping and outfits? Well, I have nothing much to report on that front. There are plenty of lovely things out there right now but all time and budget is being directed into the house! So, the blog might take a housey/interiors turn for a while.

Thanks for waiting and reading. x