Thursday, 31 January 2013

Purchase: New Skinny Jeans

I've never owned a pair of Workshop Denim jeans but picked up these lovelies on sale in Wellington last Friday:

Photo: Workshop

These are the 5 Pocket Skinny in Dark Vintage style. Originally, I bought the size 13 but exchanged them for the size 14 in Auckland a couple of days later. They are a mid-rise and the leg length is perfect for me. The wash is a mid-to-dark blue. The legs are skinny but not like jeggings. Expect to see these babies styled up in future posts - especially when I share my wisdom on the minefield that is casual Friday dressing. Love!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Tricky Trend: What The Tuck?

Noticed a bit of this happening in fashion shots and apparel retailers' marketing?

Peter Pan merino sweater in stripe
Photo: J Crew

Star Print T-Shirt
Photo: Country Road

The art of tucking a small part of your top into your jeans, trousers, shorts or skirt is trickier than it looks. Add to that a tummy and the heightened risk of camel toe and I don't blame you for approaching with caution, friends. As I have less of a tummy these days I am finally able to wear my skinnies with tops that don't necessarily cover my nether regions. So, I have tackled the tuck and come up with my own take on this trend. In these photos, I have taken a simple grey tee and tucked in a tiny amount of the hem into my jeans, then pulled it out slightly to create some excess fabric:

Tee: Country Road; Jeans: French Connection; Sunglasses: Karen Walker 'Deep Freeze'; Bracelet: Moochi; Shoes: Superga
Photos by Paul D

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Friday, 18 January 2013

How I'd Style That: Embellished Slipper Shoes

The Item
New Look slipper shoes from ASOS.

The Style
I'd keep it simple: these shoes do all the talking. I'd pair them with blue boyfriend jeans, rolled at the cuff and a plain grey fitted sweatshirt or jumper that sits on the hips.

New Look at ASOS


Mango at ASOS

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Transitions: Going Lower

When I hit my late thirties, I realised that I could no longer wear the very high heels I had worn since my mid twenties. They just became uncomfortable, and the pain wasn't limited to my feet. Knees, hips and back all gave me the signal: time to go lower!

There's no denying that a heel adds a certain something to an outfit. One of my big fears was 'looking frumpy' in a lower-heeled shoe. Well, there are ways to walk in comfort and stay sexy.

Make a Point
Start with an elegant point-toe shoe in a lower heel height. My Zara heels (see the Tricky Trend: Optical Prints post) are a mid-height shoe but their pointed toe makes them sexy and modern. The toe box is also cut low so you get a hint of toe cleavage. Point-toe shoes I find are easier to work into a myriad of looks from corporate to casual Fridays. Here is a similar style to my Zara heels - Austin from Nine West - (which I also own) available from the Australian site The Iconic:

Add Some Elegant Hardware
I find kitten heels confusing. They're not quite a flat, not quite a mid-heel. I have found them hard to work into my professional wardrobe. Still, I really like the look of these kittens from David Lawrence which feature a some cute detailing at the back of the shoe. I might just give them a try:

Experiment With Prints
If you're new to printed shoes, go for neutral tones or an embossed print such as faux lizard, snake or mock-croc rather than brights. The Evon Snake Mid-Heel has just hit Country Road stores and would look great with slightly cropped black cigarette pants and a crisp white tailored shirt for a classic (and comfortable!) silhouette. Note: the shape of the toe is an almond shape - a softer point if you prefer this look. Personally, I like to have the ability to fillet a person at twenty paces, but that's just me:

By Design
Take the plunge and fork out for a stunning designer pair like these from one of my favourites, Stella McCartney:

Stay Slim
Keeping your heel style to a slim stiletto will help keep the look simple and polished.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tricky Trend: Optical Prints

Optical prints were big news in 2012. Like many trends, it can be difficult to know how to incorporate them into your everyday look without risking the item becoming an orphan in your closet. A cruel reminder of your failed journey into something outside your clothing comfort zone...

New to prints in general, late last year I decided on a pair of optical-print pants from Country Road in black and white silk. Teamed with a plain black top, simple pointy-toe heels and a single item of jewellery (a chunky gold chain bracelet from Moochi in my case), they're a winner. They're tapered in the leg and sit slightly cropped on my ankles. If you have shorter legs, I'd suggest getting pants like these shortened: the gap between shoes and trousers breaks the print, making them less overwhelming. Mine have great drape but are not too billowy. Hip pockets add curves where I naturally have none. The print is interesting but not over the top:

Pants: Country Road; Top: TK Store; Shoes: Zara; Sunglasses: Karen Walker; Bracelet: Moochi
 Photos by Paul D

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Floral Pants

I've been thinking about trying the floral trend but without looking like 1970s upholstery. I tried on these satin tapered-leg pants today with my white Superga sneakers and a grey marle tee from Country Road. A nice alternative to jeans. Will keep you posted if I purchase. Incidentally, if you want to move on from Converse Chuck Taylors to something more feminine, yet retain that chic/casual look, I recommend Superga Cotu Classic sneakers. Get them from Fabric stores in Auckland for $125.00.

What I Got For Christmas

These Karen Walker Deep Freeze sunglasses make me feel cooler when I wear them. Simple. They're also comfortable and do a great job of minimising glare: a must in the harsh NZ sun. If you want sunglasses that are classic, elegant but modern, this style is a great start.


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