Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Transitions: Going Lower

When I hit my late thirties, I realised that I could no longer wear the very high heels I had worn since my mid twenties. They just became uncomfortable, and the pain wasn't limited to my feet. Knees, hips and back all gave me the signal: time to go lower!

There's no denying that a heel adds a certain something to an outfit. One of my big fears was 'looking frumpy' in a lower-heeled shoe. Well, there are ways to walk in comfort and stay sexy.

Make a Point
Start with an elegant point-toe shoe in a lower heel height. My Zara heels (see the Tricky Trend: Optical Prints post) are a mid-height shoe but their pointed toe makes them sexy and modern. The toe box is also cut low so you get a hint of toe cleavage. Point-toe shoes I find are easier to work into a myriad of looks from corporate to casual Fridays. Here is a similar style to my Zara heels - Austin from Nine West - (which I also own) available from the Australian site The Iconic:

Add Some Elegant Hardware
I find kitten heels confusing. They're not quite a flat, not quite a mid-heel. I have found them hard to work into my professional wardrobe. Still, I really like the look of these kittens from David Lawrence which feature a some cute detailing at the back of the shoe. I might just give them a try:

Experiment With Prints
If you're new to printed shoes, go for neutral tones or an embossed print such as faux lizard, snake or mock-croc rather than brights. The Evon Snake Mid-Heel has just hit Country Road stores and would look great with slightly cropped black cigarette pants and a crisp white tailored shirt for a classic (and comfortable!) silhouette. Note: the shape of the toe is an almond shape - a softer point if you prefer this look. Personally, I like to have the ability to fillet a person at twenty paces, but that's just me:

By Design
Take the plunge and fork out for a stunning designer pair like these from one of my favourites, Stella McCartney:

Stay Slim
Keeping your heel style to a slim stiletto will help keep the look simple and polished.

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