Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Been a While

Here's an outfit shot! OK, a lame selfie, but it's a start. Hoping to post more fashion and outfits again in the near future!

Friday, 9 June 2017

Another Spot of DIY

One of my friends recently commented on Instagram "Who are you and what have you done with Jody?".

DIY and crafts have never been my 'thing' but this house has certainly given me the confidence to experiment with my creative side. I recently did a little marking project using a cut potato and some of the leftover paint from the shelves and our porch. Inspired by American textile designer, Rebecca Atwood, I am so pleased with how it turned out!

First, the inspiration...


And now my little gem...

And here it is hanging on our new gallery wall in the hallway! It's the small one on the left:

If you're thinking about a gallery wall, I highly recommend Country Road's video which explains how to do it.

A Spot of DIY

I have a 'd' and a 'y' in my name, but DIY is not something friends and family have associated with me in the past.But this Summer I started dabbling a little, starting with painting the shelves of our $80 Mitre10 shelving unit.

I slapped two coats of Karen Walker for Resene in Celestial Blue over a coat of primer for particle board. I'm really pleased with the result!

Here's what it looked like before:

And here's a few shots of the process...

Paul being a good boy and putting everything back together...

The finished product!

Monday, 24 April 2017

New Living Room Rug

We love our beautiful floors but for some time, we've been looking at large rugs to break up our living room space. After much research, we went to Source Mondial in Parnell. They have a huge selection of rugs, all beautifully presented. And the staff really know their stock. We took three rugs home on appro for a whole week which was so generous, allowing us to make a decision.

We went with a 2 x 3m grey wool rug with a chevron pattern. It pops against our dark floors. We love it!

And here's a cute one of Miss Lily and the samples, from a few weeks ago...

Unfortunately, she dumped a dead rat on our lovely new rug on Sunday morning, so clearly she likes it!

Monday, 27 March 2017

Vintage European, Greytown

My sister and I took our Mum for a girls' weekend to Wellington and Greytown last weekend. It's a place we all know well (long-time readers will know that my sister and I go there every June!).

Greytown is about a one-hour drive north of Wellington, in the beautiful Wairarapa. Worth a visit for its cafes, galleries, boutique stores and nearby vineyards.

This time we discovered a gem called Vintage European. Sarah imports English, Scandinavian and other European housewares, fabrics and furniture that you won't find easily in this part of the world. A beautifully-laid-out store, I spent ages in there chatting (and purchasing!).


Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Master Bedroom Wardrobe Fitout and Doors

Very late at posting this as the work was completed in late December! But I also wanted to wait until the floors were done so I could post a final 'after' shot.

Our wonderful cabinetmaker Dean from DL Cabinetmaking (who did our kitchen) made the beautiful doors and fitted out the insides. This wardrobe is Paul's (I have an entire room dedicated as my dressing room!). With the other wardrobe removed last year, we wanted to make the remaining one as functional and beautiful as possible. We decided to have a single shelf and a galvanised steel pole put in, and cubbyholes similar to our previous home. We also got Dean to break up the total height by creating two smaller cupboards at the top. It's a 2.8m cavity so visually, this makes it less overwhelming in what is not a huge bedroom.

As with the rest of the house, we fitted exquisite Halliday Baillie knobs on the doors (separate post coming soon!). We had these in our previous home.

We were surprised at how cost-effective it was to have bespoke doors made. Places like Boston Wardrobes and The Wardrobe Company offer a fixed selection of doors and charge extra for painting. We got a far superior result - and to our specifications - for about the same price as off-the-rack. So, don't be afraid to explore all options when fitting out your house.

Huge, heavy and ugly sliding doors which are not even in keeping with a villa. The insides were fitted out with nasty multi-level plastic poles and shelves as well as mobile drawer units more in keeping for an office.

We still had the carpet down at this stage.

Now, isn't that better?

Monday, 6 February 2017

Dark and Moody: Our New Floors

The Project

The floors were a mish-mash of grey-brown carpet in the bedrooms and front sitting room, and engineered French oak boards stained a strange yellowish colour. In addition, the boards in the hallway were running width-ways, not long-ways. We wanted wood all through the house like we had in our previous house (kauri) and to salvage as much of the existing flooring as possible.

We engaged Wood Appeal Flooring to do the following:

  • Remove all carpet.
  • Remove all existing oak from the hallway from the top of the hallway steps back to the front door.
  • Retain existing engineered oak from the steps downwards into the main living area, kitchen and dining.
  • Lay down new oak in bedrooms, sitting room and hallway (in the right direction!).
  • Sand back the entire floor.
  • Stain the entire floor.


The project took two weeks. We moved every item, ourselves and the cat out for the duration. We stayed at Vanessa's lovely Airbnb 10 minutes away in Parnell. It was like a home away from home. Lily stayed with the lovely Michelle at Pablo's Palace Cattery in Remuera. Unfortunately, despite all the care in the world, Lily was very anxious during her stay and remained in her little sleeping unit.

Before Photos

Here are a few photos that give you an idea of what the floor used to look like. You can see the odd yellow tinge and the way the carpet and floor boards did not match. In the final shot you can see how the boards ran the wrong direction in the hallway!

After Photos

We still have pictures to put up and rugs to buy but you get the idea! We love the contrast of the very dark floors and white walls. The floors absorb a lot of light so at night, the light from the street is greatly reduced. The space seems cosier (dark floors tend to make a room look smaller). To our surprise, the acoustics hardly changed despite removing four rooms of carpet. The effect is elegant, cohesive, bold and different to the normal Scandi pale boards everyone is going for. We love it!



Interior Design Consultancy
Rachel Brown from Trinity Interior Design provided much-needed guidance. She met with us several times on site, liased with our flooring installer and met me again on site as the final decision about stain colour was made.

Floor Uplift, Sub-Floor Repair and Installation
From the first time I met Kyle when he came to assess and quote the work last October, I knew that Wood Appeal Flooring was the one. This is not a small job, so you need to trust your contractor before the floor gets ripped up. We got many quotes and the key difference is that Kyle used to be an installer so he wasn't just wandering around with a tape measure agreeing to my every question and throwing a price back at me. He was honest about the unknowns of a job like this (the condition of the sub-floor and required repair and levelling) so we built in contingency into the budget to allow for it. Removing the original engineered oak from the hallway almost killed the crew as it was so badly glued on but they delivered and the project ran smoothly. We were kept involved the whole way. I went on site to decide on the options around the sub-floor and it was really nice to be consulted and shown the reasons for the required work, the degrees of perfection we could strive for and the impact on schedule and budget. As a former Project Manager, this was music to my ears. We felt very safe with Wood Appeal Flooring and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Floor Sanding and Staining
Andrew Holloway and his team sanded and finished the entire floor. What a perfect job!