Sunday, 13 January 2013


If you're a woman in her forties, are a so-called plus size and live in New Zealand, then this blog is for you. I'm Jody. I'm 41, work in IT and like to dress in a modern yet age-appropriate way. I'm also a NZ size 14-16, and at 5' 10" my figure confuses most fashion houses.

This blog is my attempt to show you how you can dress for your age and figure, without trying too hard or revisiting your glory days. I'll be posting photos of me in work and casual outfits, all styled from my existing wardrobe (and any new purchases along the way!). I'll tell you where I bought each item, and tell you how to source similar items where I can.

Another point of difference of this blog is that most of the items I talk about here are available either in New Zealand or on sites that ship down here.

Now ladies, let's get dressed...