Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Shopbop 25% Off Sale

Shopbop does this only a couple of times a year so this time I was determined not to miss out! I managed to score several items I'd been eyeing up for months. Everything has arrived and it's all good! Here's a snapshot of my haul...

I was nervous ordering these in case they were too small. Size 32 is usually the largest offering for designer jeans. These are a PERFECT fit. Beautiful soft denim, flattering on the rear, a perfect mid-blue wash and I'm stoked I can now fit designer jeans!
A gift from Paul! This is my 'don't mess with me' bangle. I plan to wear this with a plain black outfit. Look out for this in a starring role in a future photo shoot.
If it aint broke, don't fix it. My replacement pair when my current ones get too skanky. 
I love my gold and white one and this black and silver version is just as chic.

Karen Walker Deep Freeze 'Crazy Tort' Sunglasses
I adore my black Deep Freeze and I love these just as much.

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