Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Closet Twilight Zone

The scariest thing about Halloween this year is my closet!

I am spending this coming weekend in my home town of Wellington with my Mum and my sister Tanya. Although I am looking forward to the girly time, from a shopping perspective I'm a little cautious. I seem to have settled somewhere between a NZ size 12 and 14. Not sure whether to replace some key items now or wait a bit longer.

Over the past few weeks I have painstakenly edited my wardrobe down to about a fifth of its original size. What clothes remain are lovely, but too big for me. Today I wore a beautiful Moochi chiffon top and black and white Country Road silk pants. Both two sizes too big and shapeless. Now in storage, pending a decision next year.

Weight loss is great, don't get me wrong. This is the first time in my adult life that I have sustained this size for as long and I am really excited that I now have the skills and knowledge to never go back to a size 16/18. I have always dressed for work and lately I just feel very unkempt. My casual wardrobe is not bad but my work wardrobe is not doing so great!

A solution I have thought of is to wear 'tidy casual' outfits to work for the next little while until I am comfortable to replace my work wardrobe. Another idea is to come up with two excellent work outfits and one casual Friday outfit to wear through November to buy some more time and see where the body settles. Luckily my workplace has a casual dressing policy!

I will share more about this and also update you on the weekend! x


  1. I have gone through weight loss this past year too and there are definite wardrobe decisions involved with that. Another reason I love thrifting top quality items so much because I've had to replace almost every single thing in my closet for a different size. I seem to pretty much be staying at this weight and I feel I know how to stay here...and want I've made myself give up all those things that are too big...because I don't want to keep them "just in case". I said goodbye and good riddance. haha
    Congrats to you on your weight loss. You look amazing. Giving things some time and living with it a bit is a good idea. Good luck with the changes. :)

    1. Thanks Lisa. Wise words. I have lost weight before and gained it back so I guess I have been nervous about letting it all go. But this time I have kept it off for ages so I should be confident to just move forward!