Saturday, 18 July 2015

We Bought a House

On Wednesday morning, Paul and I bought a new house at auction here in Auckland.

Anyone who tells you that the Auckland property market is overpriced and impossible is right. It's taken us almost three years to find a home we love as much as our current house. Now we are very focussed on selling ours!

The new house is in our current suburb, about five minutes drive from where we live now. It's an Edwardian villa, about twice the size of our wee 1880s cottage and fully renovated. It's painted in a crisp white colour throughout; a real change from our current soft beiges. Here are a few pictures:






It's too soon to think seriously about decor but we already have some ideas. Luckily, we like 80% of the house but plan to make some small changes. The bathrooms are not to our taste and there are a few other minor things we will change but on the whole, it's stunning. And, Paul finally gets his double garage!

And I get a walk-in wardrobe/dressing room! It's actually the smallest bedroom in the house but it's perfect for what I have planned. I'm already pinning ideas to my Pinterest board! This is a project I'll definitely keep you posted on. Clothes shopping may take a back seat for a while!


  1. That’s a wonderful house, Jody! A purchase like this is more often than not worthy of the wait. I’ll look forward to seeing those upgrades you’re planning for this house. Thanks for the virtual tour!

    Winfred Herrington @ Sold Team

    1. Thanks Winifred! It was certainly a battle - properties are expensive and scarce here in Auckland. Paul and I are looking forward to moving into this next phase of our lives!

  2. This is seriously just the most beautiful house! I love it!

    xo Deanna
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  3. What a great find! A beautiful yard for the kids and a double garage for the hubby? Perfect! The house itself looks like a beautiful setup, what a great start! It doesn't look like it'll need too much work to fit you and your family well! I wish you the best of luck, you really found the jackpot!