Sunday, 2 August 2015

Melbourne Shopping

A different trip this year. I managed to do some shopping but was running on half power. An exhausting two weeks leading up to flying out, coupled with extreme dehydration and a 2kg weight loss resulted in my blacking out on the descent into Melbourne.

I was tended to for over half an hour by Air New Zealand crew and two sets of paramedics (all amazing), put on oxygen, wheeled off the plane and placed under observation at the medical centre at Melbourne Airport. I couldn't speak or walk. A visit to a GP a couple of days later (to get clearance to fly home on the 31st) revealed the cause of the issue.

I have never been a big drinker - especially water - but I drank steadily and regularly all week! H20 is my new best friend! The flight home was uneventful, thank God. I am now getting into a habit of drinking water and my natural thirst is slowly returning after many years!

I did manage to pick up a few goodies, so I'm happy. A lovely collection of classic pieces to add into my wardrobe. See below. Paul and I also ate at a new amazing restaurant in Melbourne for his birthday on the 29th - Cutler & Co. Check it out if you're ever in Melbourne!

Camilla Coat - Black

Isabel Pant, BLACK, hi-res

Katy Pinstripe Scarf, NAVY, hi-res


Image 1 of SKINNY JEANS from Zara
(Also from Zara: a tan faux leather tote bag and a basic black blazer.)

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