Monday, 13 July 2015

A Birthday, A Shopping Plan

Jody, turning 3 (1974). Comfy pants and slippers is still my off-duty look!

You might have noticed my profile now says I'm 44. My birthday was on Saturday July 11. I am truly loving my forties. I look and feel better than I ever did in my thirties or twenties! It's true that you really do come into your own around this age. I had a lovely birthday weekend. My sister Tanya was staying with us - a real bonus. It was a bittersweet one; we had a family bereavement early last week which has shocked us all but we are supporting each other.

In two weeks I will be in Melbourne celebrating Paul's 60th. (For two weeks of the year we are only 15 years apart in age). It'll be cold - we've only been there in July once before (for my 40th) but I am sure the cafes and shops will keep me warm.

I have a very succinct wish list for this year's Melbourne trip:

Black Blazer
Point-toe Heels
Black Wool Coat
Black Cigarette Trousers for Work

Yes, a lot of black. But when in Melbourne, one wears black!

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