Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Getting Some Inspiration

Since late last year I have been working from home three days a week. I'm fortunate in having a career (and an employer) that makes this possible. Although I love the flexibility and work/life balance, there has been one surprising down-side.

I have only two days in which to dress for work (and one of those days is casual Friday).

I know I have a choice. I could go into the office more. But the benefits of my arrangement far outweigh any negatives. To be honest, I have found it harder and harder to get outfit inspiration and I'm certainly not shopping as much as I once did. Add to that the fact that Sara (my photographer) has been unavailable for outfit shoots since the start of the year!

I follow many fashion blogs but most are curated by younger women (based in the US) so whilst I enjoy them, I rarely get inspired to recreate those outfits. And many items are brands that do not ship to New Zealand.

After last weekend with my sister, and perusing the stores (which I haven't done in a while), I decided to open my mind and be inspired by fashion once more. I thought I would start with the Pinterest board I started a while back. Many of these outfits I could recreate using items I currently own...

Grey sweatshirt under leather jacket with blue skinnies and heels

Chambray shirt and loose bun

White and black

Leather pants, stripes and tan sandals

Slouchy but polished

Spring outfit/full pants/structured top


Sandra Bullock in Michael Kors | Tom & Lorenzo

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