Saturday, 23 May 2015

My Go-To Pieces: Part 1 - Saint James Minquiers 10 Breton Top

Over the past 18 months, I have thought hard about what I truly love to wear and what works well for me.

De-cluttering is a big topic right now. There are books a-plenty teaching you how to escape 'stuffocation'. One of the concepts I really like is from Marie Kondo who says "discard anything that doesn't spark joy". This is probably a good place to start when embarking on paring down your wardrobe because, if it doesn't fit, flatter and make you feel great it won't get worn.

I am a minimalist in life, but it's actually taken me a long time to apply this trait to my closet. At the tender age of soon-to-be-44, I think I have finally cracked it. It's about quality over quantity, and learning to identify what it is about a piece of clothing that makes you reach for it again and again.

This is the first part of a series where I explain why key pieces of my wardrobe work so well for me.

Saint James Minquiers 10 Long-Sleeve Breton Top in White/Navy (Neige/Marine)

Where From
In New Zealand, a small range of Saint James tops is stocked in Karen Walker boutiques. Online you can order direct from Saint James in France.

Around NZ$110.00.

Why it Works
The combination of perfect shades of off-white and navy, a neck somewhere between crew and boat, and a boxy over-sized cut make this the perfect breton top. The cotton is super-soft making it a great lounging item, but it also looks fabulous as a casual Friday piece with skinny jeans and heels. I have worn mine half-tucked into a pencil skirt and with jeans and white sandshoes or ballet flats on the weekend.

I get about a year out of one top but I wear mine a lot. It washes like a rag in the machine, but slowly shrinks over time. I find that the sleeves and body get shorter and shorter as time goes by. I always cuff my sleeves so it's less of an issue. The upside is that these tops make excellent shoe-polishing rags at the end of their wearable life!

Buying Tips
This unisex top is meant to be oversized, not fitted. I am a standard NZ 14/36C and I wear a size L in this top. I find the M too short in the arms and body.

Side note: Saint James also makes a short-sleeve version of this top which I also love. Perfect for layering under a blazer (see bottom photo).

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