Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Annual Wellington Shopping Sisters Weekend

It's that time of year again! Next weekend, my sister Tanya and I will be descending on Wellington and the Wairarapa for some serious shopping, eating and general sisterly high-jinks.

This is our 11th year. Over time, our shopping habits have changed a lot. In the beginning, we would start at the Lambton Quay end of town, working through the high-street shops, spending ages in each. Our measure of a successful day? Bags full to the brim with cheap tatt.

Lately, we begin in Wakefield Street and Cuba Quarter, spending more time in boutiques that offer something different. Our budgets are roughly the same as they ever were, but we buy less and spend more time laughing and having coffee.

Interestingly, both Tanya and I have nothing absolutely vital that we want or need. But I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for:

  • Black skinny jeans
  • A faux leather jacket
  • A black coat
  • Low-heeled ankle boots
  • Work pants
  • A white cotton shirt
  • A dress for work

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