Sunday, 22 March 2015

Label Watch: Finery London

Finery is a new British label which specialises in unique cuts and unexpected tailoring. Selected pieces are now available on The Iconic. Prices are affordable, fabrics interesting and they offer a wide range of sizes. A cross between COS and Zara, I can see this label appealling to a variety of age groups.

Darnley top white 1301ss1511 side

Basnett jumper grey 1402re1509 detail2

Look1 0050 v1

Ezra dresses blue finery london 02

Barrett skirt red finery london 2.jpg

Garrettfriendshipbracelet 2104ss1512

Aubin top navywhite 1301ss1516 01

Lonsdale daydresses red finery london 1.jpg

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