Thursday, 26 March 2015


So as I mentioned in a previous post, with my newly-minted C-sized bust, I was so looking forward to investing in a new turtleneck this season.

Even as an F cup, I would wear them, even though it looked like I had stuffed the Goodyear Blimp down there. The same charcoal grey merino one from Country Road. Well, my one just gave up the ghost after six faithful years, and Country Road informed me that they would not be repeating this style this season. Sigh.

So I tried on Juliette Hogan's offering in black merino. Gorgeous, matte-black fine merino but the L was too snug. On to Gregory. Their version is lovely, a great fit and $50 cheaper. But I honestly couldn't make my mind up about it. Even with a smaller bust, I think I might have outgrown this style. The fashion gods work in mysterious (frustrating) ways.

I ended up buying one from Glassons for $39.95. It's not as fine as the others, but it will do the job (and come in handy for layering). My turtleneck is still a staple, just more a layering piece rather than the star of the show.

And tonight I looked on Country Road's website to be greeted with this! Not exactly the same style as yesteryear, but I'll give it a go!

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