Sunday, 21 April 2013

Winter Casual

Getting a great Winter casual look always takes some effort. You want to be warm but not bulked out. Dressing for Winter in Auckland where it's milder is possibly more challenging than dressing for a cold climate where the rules are much more straightforward.

I'm in the middle of a huge wardrobe clear out. Finally I am letting go of things that I haven't worn for ages, things that don't fit and things that no longer flatter. One of the challenges of my age is that the items you once relied on can all-of-a-sudden no longer work. Most of the items in the 'to sell' bag are in that category.

A clear out is good for the soul but I now have some yawning gaps in my Autumn-Winter wardrobe to fill.

This weekend I spent all of Saturday shopping. I haven't done that for a while as these days I tend to shop in small well-planned bursts. The bulging veins in my ankles indicate to me that I should stick to that approach in the future. Here are my treasures...

The Ankle Boots

My casual look is always based around skinny jeans. Last Winter I discovered ankle boots which go so well with skinnies, so I decided to go forth and find a new pair. Originally, I wanted to get black or brown suede as I already own camel-coloured ankle boots. But I decided on boots that are a similar colour to my current ones, but with a finer heel and a cooler bone colour. Interestingly, I find this shade more versatile than black.

The Long-sleeved Top 

Embellished Stripe T-Shirt
I love striped tops and have far too many. But you know, I wear them all so I must be on to a good thing. This top is lightweight but a great layering piece while it's cooling down but not yet really cold. I love the studs on the shoulders and the curved hem.

And I'm thinking about...

In reality, this jumper is actually slouchy not fitted as it appears in the above image. It's beautifully soft with a slightly longer back than front, and has cool silver foil on the elbows as a nod to this season's metallic trend.

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