Monday, 22 April 2013

Ballet Flats: Cute But Deadly

Ballet flats and skinny jeans are my go-to casual uniform in Spring and Autumn. I buy Sambag which are more expensive than most but the quality is fantastic and they're a lot sturdier than other brands. But lately, I can only walk around in them for a couple of hours before my feet and legs are fatigued. Even the thinnest insoles with arch supports are too bulky so I have given up on those.

This is bad news. I'm not 80, I'm 41. Do I give up on something so integral to my look, or do I find a solution, friends?

I visited my podiatrist this evening and indeed there is a solution: D moulds! They are little arch supports without the under-sole and they are glued into the shoe. I am dropping my shoes off next week so I shall report back when I test them out. Very excited!

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