Monday, 18 July 2016

Trip Diary Part 4: Denmark I

We arrived in Copenhagen on Friday morning. Lovely to be so close to Europe - our flight from London was less than two hours. We enjoyed our time in London although we were both overwhelmed by the population and the pace of life there. On the final afternoon we had our hair cut/blow waved at our local cafe The Hungry Canary which has a salon attached! Our stylist Emma was lovely and was very keen to know more about New Zealand. She like others of her generation are seriously considering leaving England due to Brexit. I also had a manicure and pedicure at the apartment using a service called Blow Beauty. My nail technician Chido was lovely and took real care of me.

We took the train from Copenhagen up to the wedding venue at Tisvildeleje which involved two trains. It was really easy as everything is in both Danish and English. We arrived at the beautiful Helenekilde Badenhotel around 3.30pm.

There was an informal dinner that night and we got to meet lots of Peer's family and friends who had flown in from all over Europe. Our room overlooked the ocean. It was so beautiful and surreal Paul and I were pinching ourselves. The next day we walked into Tisvildeleje village and poked around the cute little shops and had a coffee. Paul bought me some delicate gold jewellery as a late birthday gift. We headed back to prepare for the wedding.

The ceremony was held in a lovely, very old Lutheran church about ten minutes away. All of us got a ride with Peer's friends who had cars. Everyone was so generous and took care of all the Kiwis so well!

Sarah quite rightly kept Peer waiting 20 minutes and when she arrived she took our breath away. She is so beautiful anyway but she looked like a princess in her elegant, delicate gown. The ceremony was serene and some beautiful words were spoken by the priest. It was partly in English and partly in Danish.

We went back to the hotel afterwards and mingled until Mr and Mrs Skov appeared. A stunning meal was served after we all had photos. And the speeches were heartfelt and deeply meaningful to Sarah, Peer and their close friends. They spoke of being sad at Peer moving so far away but so happy that he had Sarah in his life. One of Sarah's friends performed a stirring haka! This made all the Kiwis teary-eyed and the Danes scared! Soon after, an explanation of the haka's significance was provided! A lovely bunch of guests and the Kiwis and Danes mingled and blended so well. Paul and I are already big fans of this place and we are honoured to have been a part of Sarah and Peer's special day.

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