Friday, 22 July 2016

Trip Diart Part 5: Denmark II

Sunday morning was spent saying goodbye to the other guests and bidding farewell to Helenekilde Badenhotel and Tisvildeleje. Then a large Kiwi and Australian contingent headed in a hoard to the train station to return to Copenhagen. Some went on to the airport and headed off to other European destinations. The rest of Sarah's family and our good family friend Mickie, as well as bridesmaid Megan and friend Nat went to stay in central Copenhagen. Wedding photographer Coralee also joined us.

The next two nights all of us went out to dinner together. And to a gin bar called The Bird and the Churchkey. It was wonderful seeing the city by night and we all had a great time together, though we were all exhausted by this stage!

Paul and I spent our time in Copenhagen sightseeing and of course I did a fair bit of damage at the shops. COS was kind to me once more, as it had been in London. On Monday we went on a canal tour of the city and visited the famous Round Tower. The next day we spent the entire morning at a local park and the Botanic Gardens. Beautiful and serene.

The shopping in Copenhagen is the best I have seen. The city is compact and flat with hardly any cars (watch out for bicycles though!). I bought some treasures. Mostly casual tops and Summer dresses from COS but also a beautiful China blue printed light cotton jacket from an independent boutique. On the final day I bought some Adidas Stan Smith sneakers which are so much more supportive than my Supergas for walking. We also got some Danish ornaments for home.

We flew out of Denmark on Wednesday and we were immediately missing it.

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