Friday, 26 June 2015

My Go-To Pieces: Part 2 - Citizens of Humanity Jeans

Citizens of Humanity (CoH) Avedon and Arielle skinny blue jeans.

Where From
In New Zealand, you can buy CoH from Fabric. Online, there are many options but for free shipping Shopbop and Revolve Clothing are best.

Expect to pay around NZ$290.00 full price for Avedon and around $315.00 for Arielle.

The Avedon low-rise skinny was my introduction to CoH jeans, about two years ago. I took a real leap of faith. Finally getting my weight under control, I wanted a pair of designer jeans so after a bit of research, chose the Avedon. I like my skinnies to sit on the ankle and these are the perfect length. I own two pairs in slightly different mid-blue washes ('Cannes' and 'Cruz'). I later added a pair of Arielle mid-rise skinnies to my collection (in 'Weekender' wash).

Why they Work
Of the two styles, the Avedon has thinner, softer fabric and a much lower rise than the Arielle. They are so incredibly comfy for jeans and they have held their shape very well despite my wearing them a great deal. The wash goes with everything, and the cut of the rear is amazingly flattering. The most versatile and hard-working jeans I own and so worth the money.

The Arielle cut is mid-rise which at first took a bit of getting used to. Not high-rise like mom jeans but definitely not low-rise. The fabric is slightly thicker than the Avedon but still soft and comfortable. Shorter in the leg than the Avedon. Again, like the Avedon, just a cool and versatile jean. Cut well on the butt and legs and CoH has (in my opinion) the best range of mid-blue washes that work with everything.

Buying Tips
I wear a size 32 which is a perfect NZ 14. I have a tummy and no butt but both the Avedon and Arielle work well for my shape. Go for your normal size. If you are super tall (I'm 5' 10" with long legs) and want a full-leg length, these are not the jeans for you.

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