Tuesday, 4 November 2014

New Gym Gear

I am already discovering how much more flexibility a smaller bust brings. A couple of weeks back I spent some time in my local Nike store with the aim of kitting myself out in all new gym gear. My old gear has served me well for a couple of years so I thought I'd start from scratch.

And what a positive experience it was.

I'm carrying some extra weight thanks to not being allowed to exercise for two months. I've gained about 3kg (all around the middle it seems), and I still have water retention issues post-surgery. So I'm not feeling that sexy. Despite this, it was a joy to be able to purchase a normal sports bra for only $50 and finally... finally... a tank top! With a larger bust, I was self-conscious in tight-fitting tanks. So I would just wear loose tshirts which get in the way (and also get caught up in some equipment from time to time!).

The staff at Nike in Newmarket were really helpful, especially when I told them about my recent surgery and the unchartered waters of normal sports bras! They were knowledgeable and supportive (excuse the pun). Here is what I bought:

Nike Pro Bra $50.00 | Nike Zoom Fit Agiility Trainer $180 | Nike Stretch 3/4 Leggings $60.00 

Nike Dri-Fit Knitted Tank $80.00

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