Monday, 3 November 2014

More Beauty Experiments

So I decided to try another hair treatment. This time, an avocado/banana/honey/coconut oil mask. Easy to prepare, but oh so messy to apply. I washed my hair, slathered it on then wandered around with it on my hair for about half an hour hoping a swarm of flies wouldn't follow me. I then rinsed it out in the shower. Problem: it didn't rinse out entirely and my hair felt heavy and 'big'. So unfortunately, I had to re-wash it and apply some conditioner as it was by then a tangled, matted mess! So much for avoiding commercial shampoo and conditioner...

I air-dried my hair as blow-drying adds to the frizz. It actually dried really nicely, not too frizzy. Styling was about the same effort as usual. My GHD straighteners working about the same as normal.

I'll admit that my hair does feel softer and looks shinier and sleeker today. So maybe this treatment is one that might be worth using once in a while.

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