Saturday, 19 July 2014

The Dressing Room Project

Paul and I spent over a year looking for a new home here in Auckland. Earlier this month, we finally decided to quit as we've officially been priced out of the market. For those of you who don't know Auckland real estate, I often say "two-million is the new one-million". And I am not kidding.

So we have decided to stay put in our lovely home. As a result, we are now able to focus on some small projects at home that we had put off because we thought we'd be moving. The house is an 1880s cottage that was fully renovated in 1999/2000. It's stunning: modern and elegant, with neutral interiors and architecturally designed for modern living. Perfect for two.

Our study has mostly been used as a storage room (and since last year, styled as a fake single bedroom for the open homes that we never held!). So, we have dismantled the bed and are in the process of emptying out the whole room. We thought long and hard over what we should use the space for. It's slightly too small for a guest room (and we already have a guest room). It's too cool and dark for a study (I work from home at the dining room table). Paul couldn't think of anything he needs it for. So, we have both agreed to transform it into a dressing room for me!

Now this is a bit daunting as I am the least creative person on the planet. But I am really inspired to make this into a lovely space where I can display my clothes and some other treasures.

Currently, I use the double wardrobe in the guest room as my closet. And I will continue to use that. The idea of the dressing room is a space where I can be creative (well, as creative as I can!) by displaying clothes and outfits and just having fun.

Here is what the room currently looks like. Follow the blog for updates as we transform the space over the coming months!

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  1. Maybe staying put is a blessing in disguise. Sounds like you do have a wonderful place already. I think you will really enjoy your "dressing room". I have a room that holds most of my wardrobe and computer and I absolutely love having my own space for my things. Mine is pretty junky and crammed though... by no means elegant. :)