Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Front Door, Porch and Garage Door

The smallest changes make all the difference we're discovering. Thanks to the fantastic Adrian Parton Painters, we now have a more elegant front door, porch and garage door. The colours we went for were Karen Walker for Resene Fuscous Grey and Resene Black (Gloss).

The front door was white (like the interior and exterior of the house!). We wanted to break things up so went with a bold black. This has really brought out the leadlights. Next project is to remove all of the door hardware and polish it up (or replace where necessary) with shiny brass fixtures so it really pops against the black.

The porch and garage door were painted a depressing, dated blue-grey (like a shark). I wanted a warmer grey. After many test pots (see below!) we settled on a Karen Walker for Resene grey which we think brings back some elegance to the space and looks more modern. Very pleased, and we can't wait to get stuck into the front gardens and gates to tidy them up so our whole frontage looks amazing!

Here is what the porch and front door looked like before:

And here is what a lick of paint can do!



  1. Love the bold shiny black and grey steps - very grounding. It is AMAZING what paint can do can completely transform. Dear i say it but sounds like you might be starting to enjoy the process?!