Saturday, 24 September 2016

Exterior Lights and Side-of-House Befores and Afters

One week into our transformation project and what progress!

We engaged the services of Kerry Duffy, owner of Icare Gardens to transform one side of the house. The change is incredible. Kerry does garden maintenance and light landscaping and she came through once again for us. The side of our house was a mess of very old discoloured 'white' stone chip straight out of the 1980s, a bag of sand left over from the previous owners (and kindly left for us when we arrived) and a whole bunch of weeds. This is a utility area. Both of our heatpump units are stored there as well as our water heater. But it's the space that links the front and back gardens so we thought, why not start our garden overhaul there.

Kerry (and staff member Kylie) spent two days uplifting all of the old stone chip, levelling the space and placing weed mat and sand. They then placed small grey river stones and grey pavers. The effect is functional but attractive. Exactly what we were aiming for. Soon we will put three large grey pots in the middle of the space along the fence line and plant bay trees as a finishing touch. We'll also stain the boards that border the front and end of the space black to match the fence. Here are the before, during and after photos:

The always-fantastic Pat from Hall Electrical came to remove the ugly, ultra-bright spotlights from three sides of the house and replaced them with elegant cylinder lights. Here are the before and after shots:



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  1. I think it looks amazing simple but completely transforms the space! Look forward to next installment