Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The New Life

Gardening tools, plants and leaf blower vacs.

Yes, I have my own high-stud white-walled dressing room. Yes I should be the envy of all women. No, I don't have time for trying on outfits (and I have no curtains). Haven't had time since moving into the house over two months ago.

My life is all about hedges and leaves. Lots of leaves...

But! I do intend to post some house pictures soon. Well, of the bits I am happy to show at this stage. Our new Roman blinds arrived yesterday and will be installed next week. Goodbye sheets hanging off the windows! Our internal plantation shutters are being installed on Friday (we have to wait until January for the dressing room shutters).



  1. It's always nice to find a person who lives life differently from others. Moving can make a person very busy and I hope that you will soon find time to use your awesome white-walled dressing room. I agree, a lot of women would love to try on a range of outfits in that kind room. Hoping you the best for 2016!