Sunday, 19 April 2015

Shopbop Purchases: Review

Online shopping is risky. I have made my share of mistakes in the past. But I seldom make them now. Once you know which brands, styles and fabrics work for you, stick with them. In my view, online shopping is not ideal for experimenting with a new trend. I buy online chiefly because I can't find the brand here in New Zealand. And I typically time my purchases to when a special offer is running.

My two latest Shopbop purchases (one was a gift from Paul) are an example of savvy e-purchasing.

The Citizens of Humanity Arielle Jeans are a departure from my usual Avedon style. But because I know the brand well and they are still skinny jeans, this increased the likelihood of my liking them. The jeans are lovely. Slightly thicker denim, mid rise (not my go-to low rise) and a more faded worn-in look. Different to the norm but not radically so. They work with everything I would normally wear with skinny jeans.

My new White + Warren cashmere wrap was more of a risk. I asked myself "how can you go wrong with a plan grey cashmere wrap?". But it was more about the size and thickness for me. I wanted a full scarf/wrap but not so thick as to be uncomfortable around my neck. This scarf is 100% cashmere, and so is half the weight of merino. It's light, warm and so very soft. It will be excellent on the plane and I can finally retire my old merino wrap! It's also stylish in the heather grey shade I purchased. And - it goes with everything, from a Breton top to a white tee to a black sweater. Pure. Love. Can't wait for it to get colder so I can wear it!

By making use of a superb 25% discount (and free shipping), and buying classic styles from trustworthy brands, my hard-earned money (and Paul's!) was well spent.

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