Friday, 12 December 2014

Beauty Adventure

Last night I treated myself to a long-overdue pedicure, eyebrow shape and a new treatment: a spray tan.

After three months of no exercise at the end of Winter, I find myself looking a bit pasty and spongey. I decided to try getting a quick burst of colour to make me feel a bit better about my body while I get back in shape.

If you've never had a spray tan, there are several shades of tint and they can also customise it by spraying you once or more times to achieve the desired effect. I opted for the lightest shade and only a single layer to the face and two layers to the body.

I've been seeing Tracey-Maree at Forme Spa in Parnell for years (although in the last two years, not as often as she would like!). I decided to go with someone I trust, rather than at one of those general spray tanning places. Tracey-Maree was actually worried that I would think the result was too pale! But she totally understood that I needed to start there and make a call about whether to go darker next time.

Today after work I went swimsuit shopping and believe me, having some colour makes it a lot easier. I think that the shade is perfect for me although I might go slightly darker on the legs next time. It looks so even and the colour looks natural. I will definitely do it again!

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