Thursday, 6 February 2014

From Blogisphere to Real Life

One of my aims with this blog is to showcase outfits in a way that inspires interpretation. A key part of this is realism. The clothes you see me wearing on the blog are made up of items that can easily be found and incorporated into your own look.

I follow a number of style blogs. Sure, there are the 'fantasy' blogs where the blogger is constantly gifted items from top designers. Lots of fun but hard to aspire to. The ones I get the most inspiration from are those where the blogger mixes designer/high-end with high street finds. Or those where the blogger's outfits are easy to understand and make my own.

Recently, this manifested itself into two purchases.

The first, stylish trainers I can wear with my work outfits for my 800m coffee walk every morning. Thanks to Oracle Fox blog I drew inspiration from her cool low-profile New Balance trainers...

Image copyright Oracle Fox

...and found a pair in a similar vein that work for me:

Second, I've been looking for a pair of cute slip-ons (not Vans!) that I could style in a grown-up way. Joyce at My gave me the inspiration...

Image copyright My Dubio

...and Country Road delivered the goods:

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