Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Scoop on Minimiser Bras

My bust size is 14F. Yes that's correct. Women who envy those with an ample bosom may think it's all fun and games on this end of the tape measure. But oh dear goodness, no. Over about a D cup, many designers exclude you from their collections. Finding a tailored, non-boxy work shirt is next to impossible.

I recently decided to take matters into hand (sorry for the visual) and investigate minimiser bras. The idea behind minimiser bras is to reduce forwards projection and shape the breast tissue slightly outwards towards the armpits without creating the dreaded mono-boob. After a few false starts I discovered the Fantasie Rebecca Moulded Bra. I truly feel about a cup size smaller in this bra. It's very supportive and gives a nice shape. Thanks to the ladies in Avokado in Newmarket for their help.

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