Monday, 3 June 2013


One top. That sums up my clothing purchases from Wellington.

75% of my wardrobe is Country Road for a reason. Their sizing is generous and they produce enough of a range of clothing to meet most of my needs. Karen Walkers and Kate Sylvesters of the world, listen up: you may consider a size 14 'plus size' but I have money to spend and I want to spend it on YOUR clothes.

My top is from a New Zealand designer I had never heard of (Katie-Maree Cole). A cute striped tee with a heart on the front. Very cool (pictures to come!).

Whilst the shopping gods were punishing me, my sister managed to pick up some cool pieces from a range of stores. Tanya has just discovered skinny jeans (she got the five-pocket skinnies - same as mine - thanks to this post). Her challenge? Find a top to wear with them. She found out that a bat-wing style with a fitted waistband flattered her athletic figure and also provided the much-needed crotch cover, without being a tunic. I would love to post pictures and links, but the well-known store she bought them from doesn't have them on their website!

Despite my obvious fail, we had such a great weekend. Wellington is still a great shopping destination if you are considering a jaunt.

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