Friday, 17 May 2013

Shopping Sisters

Every Queens's Birthday Weekend since 2004 my gorgeous sister Tanya and I have met in Wellington for a three-day sisters' weekend of shopping, eating and coffees! About this time, we start thinking about what we will look for. Here's my starter list...

Large Black Clutch Bag
Black Patent Point-toe Heels
Casual Trench Coat
Slim-leg Black Work Pants
Winter Dress

To be honest, I am in a bit of a weird place with my clothes. It's all about fit (or lack of it) for me lately. I am getting lots of alterations done as I have slimmed down but still remain big in the bust. That means I often have to stick to size L or XL to cater for the bust but have an excess of fabric around the mid section.

So, this year's Wellington shopping mantra for me is 'fit and silhouette'.

In the meantime, I had some online shopping success. My French Connection skinnies are getting a bit old so I sourced some new ones (ordered Tuesday from Australia, arrived Friday). What great service!

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